Angelene believes there is a beautifully symbiotic relationship between the micro experience on the mat and the macro experience of our larger daily lives.  She centers her classes around intentional practices to assist her students to draw their focus inward and upward.  Working with breath and alignment to help students learn to feel and listen deeply to the wisdom of  their bodies, compassionately observing what arises on the mat so that they can recognize those patterns that allow for personal growth off the mat.  Her intention in her teaching is to hold space for students to find their soul voice, the voice of their essential self that is speaking through the wisdom of the body and to begin accessing that wisdom to guide the choices in their daily lives and relationships. 


Angelene first taught yoga in California in 2000.  She is certified through the 500 hour level with additional training hours in specialized areas of study. She has a BA and an MA in Literature and is always up to give or receive book recs!  After many years in the technology sector, she recognized she was ready for a new phase that was in alignment with her integrity and shifted her focus to working in yoga and meditation and is completing her certification as a Wayfinder coach-- a form of life coaching where she guides clients using a mind/body/soul connection and spiritual focus. She has a particular interest in working with unprocessed grief and in helping people attune to their soul wisdom, release limiting beliefs and take actionable steps forward on their path.

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