Breanna Smith

Breanna is a passionate yoga practitioner, dedicated to sharing the physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits of yoga.  She began her yoga journey in 2011 while earning a Bachelor of Science in Health at Texas A&M University. During college, she began her transformative yoga practice.  The uplifting and accepting yoga community she found helped her to discover confidence, trust, strength, patience, bliss, serenity, acceptance, liberation and contentment within her.  This fueled her desire to become a yoga instructor, in hopes of helping others work towards physical, mental, and spiritual well being she wholeheartedly believes is achievable through yoga.  Breanna started her path towards teaching as a yoga apprentice with Innovated Fitness in 2013.  After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2014, she moved to Austin, TX with her husband, Barrett where she participated in SAY OM Yoga’s 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training program in 2015. 


Breanna, or as we know her as here at Studio Mantra, Bre, has been a dedicated member of Studio Mantra since 2016. This studio has become a home and sanctuary for her over the past couple of years thanks to the wonderful community, and kind, knowledgeable, inspiring teachers, who have all helped facilitate tremendous personal growth, and have fueled the fire in her heart to make the transition from student to teacher at Studio Mantra.  Bre is overjoyed to teach at Studio Mantra every Tuesday at 6 AM, and for the opportunity to give back to its incredible community.


Bre believes in creating a safe space for her students to have fun, challenge themselves, and laugh together while falling in and out of poses. She encourages her students to make each practice their own by playing with different modifications, flowing to the rhythm of their breath, and cultivating an intention that fuels their practice. While Bre loves to create strong flows that are fluid and dance like, she also believes in helping her students achieve safe alignment, a strong foundation, core strength, and an understanding of the anatomy of various asanas. 

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