Chad Meany

Chad is a 350-hour certified instructor from Dharma Yoga in Austin.  His first experience with yoga came in 2004, when he attended a prenatal class with his daughter Marley’s mother. With no expectation or idea of what yoga actually was, he stepped onto the mat, breathed, moved, sweated, humbled, and slowly began to recognize that the answers all lie within. After fumbling through the corporate media machine in NYC for 13 years, yoga was always his rock, and he settled in Austin to further develop his own practice, teach, and continue to strive for happiness. Marley was with him at his first yoga class, and he is comforted knowing that she’s in his heart every time he steps onto his mat.


He believes that mindfulness on the mat prepares us for both life's treasures and trials off the mat. He feels that when we crack open our body, mind, and spirit, the universe exposes itself so we can come home to our true Self.


His classes are offered to all levels, blending Sukha (ease) and Stirra (effort), so that students can breathe into any tight space on the mat, but importantly, off the mat. Leaning in to both expansion and edginess is critical, and he provides space for students to explore their own practice with mindfulness to arrive at their highest Selves.

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