Move, breathe, be.

Vinyasa Flow

Our most prevalent class on the schedule, Vinyasa Flow is meant to meet all of your yoga needs. We practice syncing movement to breath, creating a moving meditation in practice. Studio Mantra teachers will lead you through this vigorous flow with options to mellow-out or ramp-up your practice. It’s the perfect way to start your day at sunrise, catch some “you time” during your lunch hour, or finish your day with a centered practice! We suggest beginners take our Gentle, Align, and Slow Flow classes prior to experiencing Vinyasa Flow.

Vinyasa Sculpt

Studio Mantra’s unique Vinyasa Sculpt class incorporates props such as hand weights, therabands and gliders into a strong Vinyasa Flow practice. This class is designed to tone every major muscle group and is a powerful complement to any workout ritual. Vinyasa Sculpt adds a strength-building component for yogis and also provides a welcome change of pace for regular gym-goers! Expect a challenging, muscle-toning yoga class with the added benefit of increasing flexibility, and stilling the mind. 

Slow Flow

Sometimes you just need to slow it down. In this flow-based hatha yoga class, Studio Mantra teachers will link breath with movement in a way that invites deep stretching and exploration. Take the time to simply be a mindful, moving, breathing body.

Yoga Align

Yoga Align is Studio Mantra's nerdy Hatha yoga class, inspired by the alignment work in the Iyengar and Anusara yoga systems. This class is not flow-based; we spend time workshopping alignment for postures, discuss yoga benefits, and focus on our sense of self-awareness. Being truly present to the body, the intellect, the emotions, and the spirit can begin with knowing and observing where the physical body is in space and in relationship to the postures (asanas).  Align is a progressive, mixed-levels class; Laura offers approachable "bus stops" for postures.

Kundalini Yoga

A dynamic form of yoga, known as the Yoga of Awareness. This style of yoga combines breath work, movement, meditation and mantra to energize the body and bring clarity to the mind. Kundalini creates a body, mind and spirit that is full of vitality and increased consciousness. Studio Mantra’s Kundalini class is appropriate for practitioners of all levels.

Mantra Fit: METHOD

Mantra Fit: METHOD is a Tracy Anderson Method-inspired class.  This class features unique, repetitive movements to activate the smaller muscles in the body and keep them challenged throughout the entire class. Minimal props are used and students use their own bodyweight during challenging sequences. Bring your own ankle weights for added strengthening. Give it a'll love it!  

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a slow-paced, beginner-friendly Hatha yoga class. Appropriate for all levels of students, including those working with limitations. Join us for this practice aimed at gentle stretching and meditative movement.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice of long-held Yin postures to open up the deeper fascia of the body which will help to support ligaments, tendons and the skeletal system.  Some instructors will offer the a candlelit ambiance as well as sound healing during the yin postures to help facilitate the soothing of the central nervous system and to promote energy flow along your body's meridians. 

Pilates Mat

Following a classical Pilates approach, we focus on the basic Pilates principles of concentration, centering, control, breathing and precision to strengthen the powerhouse, correct alignment, improve posture and create length and strength in the body. You are guided through classical mat choreography with an emphasis on precision and control. See your practice progress with every class. Accessible to beginners while also challenging experienced Pilates practitioners.

Mantra Barre

Our signature Mantra Barre class offers sequences uniquely designed by our teachers to offer you a creative blend of breath-work, yoga and fiery Barre moves. Expect to be challenged physically and energized spiritually as we sweat together and try something new. Mantra Barre is a beautiful addition to your fitness regimen and will, quite literally, keep you on your toes! Space is limited for our Barre class, so be sure to reserve your spot online.

Mantra Fit: STRENGTH

Mantra Fit: STRENGTH uses light & heavy hand weights, along with other props like therabands & gliders, to build strength and stamina. Students can expect a full-body workout with an added element of cardio. Mantra Fit: STRENGTH classes are high-energy, challenging (in a good way) and super-awesome!  

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