Hello dear friend,


It's so very generous of you to consider sending support to your Studio Mantra therapist or teacher during these uncertain times.  As you know, the service industry is really feeling the financial repercussions resulting from the COVID-19 situation.  Our therapists and teachers at Mantra are no different.  Since our closing, most of the therapists and several teachers are no longer able to rely on a steady income to support themselves and their families.  It is our goal to help them in any way possible, and providing a way for you to send money through our online processing system is a huge step in toward our goal! 


Here's how it works: Let us know which therapist a teacher you would like to leave a special "tip" for.  We will close out a sale in our system which will ring up as a "tip."  You will receive an emailed receipt for your "tip" puchase, just as you normally would after making a purchase at Mantra.  If this is something  you're interested in, please email us at info@mantraaustin.com and let us know the name of the therapist or teacher you'd like to support! Simple and easy.  Your "tip" could be $5 or $5000 (ok, just kidding)...whatever amount you'd like to offer! We will pay the recipient and let him/her know who the generous giver is, unless you'd like to remain anonymous. 


Thank you so much for your consideration and support.


With love, hope & optimism,

Your Studio Mantra Family 


Mantra gift cards are available for any service or custom amount & can be printed or emailed to the recipient. Visit us at the studio for gift-wrapped options.

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