Kim Harrison

Since childhood, Kim has been fascinated by the seemingly endless ways that our bodies can express beauty and strength. Whether through gymnastics, dance, sports, or yoga, she believes that connecting to our physical bodies can help us uncover our potential and align with our true inner selves.


Kim began taking ballet at the age of 7, and it quickly became the center of her childhood. She danced with a ballet company throughout high school and taught ballet classes during her college years.


Kim was first drawn to yoga in 2001 during the stressful, sleep-deprived years of graduate school. She has been practicing various styles of yoga ever since, and her practice has helped keep her focused and centered through her relocations from Texas to California to Minnesota to South Carolina and finally, in 2014, back home to Texas.


She has taught yoga classes since completing her yoga teacher training in 2013 and barre classes since 2014. When she is not teaching or working her full-time job as a clinical forensic psychologist, she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading, and traveling.

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