Lauren first stepped onto a yoga mat at fifteen years old. She completed her 300+ hour CYT and then 200 hour RYT at her home studios in Orlando, FL in her early twenties. Lauren loves to teach students of all levels- from beginners looking for a slower, more gentle class to seasoned yogis looking for a challenge, and all those in between! Her own practice has lead her to a greater sense of peace and encourages her to live with intention. Her hope is that in each practice she leads, there is a sense of fun- her playlists consist of music that will light up anyone's soul, tranquility- she encourages and guides you to stay connected in your body through your breath, and celebration- celebrating the victories that present themselves as you journey through your practice; an extra second in a balance posture, extended moments of awareness in a quieted mind, a new perspective found, an old idea let go of... She wants you to know that yoga creates more flexibility and strength in the body, but also in the mind- both on and off the mat. 

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