Shanin Smith

Shanin' found yoga (or maybe it found her) later in life. Since she deals with autoimmune diseases and chronic pain, Shanin' found that a personal yoga practice helped her move her body in a safe and thoughtful way. After some life changing events that were a mental and physical shock to the body and soul, she found her yoga practice to be an essential part of her recovery. She attributes much of her personal healing to a consistent practice and the yoga community along the way. 

Shanin's love for yoga eventually led to a desire to teach, stemming from her own personal story and a yearning to share her experience. She earned her 200-hour teacher training certification in 2016 and has recently completed a year-long 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training program--both with Gioconda Parker here in Austin, Texas.  Shanin began teaching at Studio Mantra in 2016 and now teaches public, private and corporate classes in the Austin area. 


Shanin's desire for anyone that walks into her class is for you to feel comfortable. Whether you are a first time yogi, a seasoned yogi, or even one coming back from a hiatus, she wants you to feel safe, accepted, loved and nurtured. She feels that yoga is catered to what you need at that particular moment. Shanin' teaches a “gentle” style yoga class that combines movement, breath, awareness and mobility. It is within this space that you are invited to explore the boundaries of your physical pain, knowing that age is not a barrier and that your body can achieve its reality of flexibility, strength and refinement. Shanin' welcomes anyone seeking more for themselves. She wants to give back what she has been so graciously given through her personal practice…hope.

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